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At Design Web South Africa, we design effective and elegant business websites that reflect the professionalism your business entails. Contact our web designers today to find out how a website can help your business and get help designing a website in South Africa.

In this modern and technological age, clients need to educate themselves on the services they request in order to have a thorough understanding of the inner processes their product/service entails. Thus, before just looking at website design costs from a 'cheapest is best' perspective, try to understand why web design pricing differs amongst various designers. Some designers code from scratch (extremely unlikely in South Africa and this also drives costs through the roof, which is not necessary) while others use free templates and don't really know much beyond installing and setting up a template (which they don't tell you).

Clients should find a balance between web design costs and quality since most web designers should be capable of using the latest software to assist in designing websites whilst still offering a great deal of customizability. The cheapest option is definately not best but neither is the most expensive option - the key is to find web development talent at the right price and quality that suits your business.